May 5 2010

T-t-t-t-t . . .

I’m not– not for a second– suggesting anything unusual is going on.  All I know is I was out working on a photograph of some street furniture, and two guys came by– separately– and did quick mugs for the camera.  Thing is, each posed by getting down and leaning on his knee– a peculiar position nobody who’s spontaneously posed for me has ever adopted before.  Then I happened to look more closely at part of what I’d been shooting…

T-t-t-t-t . . .

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May 4 2010

Immigration Reform / Arizona SB 1070 / May Day March

On 2010 May 1, an interesting coalition marched through San Francisco’s Mission District to the Civic Center: folks calling for immigration reform, folks specifically protesting Arizona’s SB 1070, and labor unionists.

Apr 27 2010

Walk Like a Felt

Walk Like a Felt

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1680×1050 version of that last one:

Apr 25 2010

Felt Like a Walk

Felt Like a Walk

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Apr 19 2010

2010 Cherry Blossom Festival Grand Parade

The 2010 Cherry Blossom Festival Grand Parade took place on 2010 April 18.

Apr 15 2010

The Civic Center on Tax Day, 2010

Last year, on 2009 April 15, hundreds of folks came out to San Francisco’s Civic Center, site of our City Hall, to rally in favor of the newly-formed “Tea Party” movement.  (Link: photos of 2009 Tea Party event.) The speakers’ recurring themes included fortitude and staying in it for the long haul; many signed off with a variation on “See you next year!”

Next year is today.


Left to right: photographer looking for Tea Party rally; bystander; the Tea Party rally.

Media folk, remembering last year, turned out in force. Two news vans.  Half a dozen still photographers.  Two counter-protesters, complete with skit; perhaps they’re on YouTube somewhere.

One gentleman in a red-white-and-blue shirt and NRA cap.


Left to right: local eccentric Frank Chu; interviewer; foot; the Tea Party rally.


In other news, here’s a gallery of three guys who saw me walking by with my camera and asked if I felt like taking their pictures.

Apr 14 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival 2010, street fair

All of these are from 2010 April 10.

Mar 7 2010

Urban Iditarod 2010

Okay, mostly mimes– but what can I say?  They were expressive…

The sculptures are just across from AT&T Park, on a building named “170 Off Third”.  They’re by Alexei E. Kazantsev; see .

Mar 1 2010

Chinese New Year Parade 2010 / Year of the Tiger

Jan 7 2010

San Francisco Zoo, January