Mar 7 2010

Urban Iditarod 2010

Okay, mostly mimes– but what can I say?  They were expressive…

The sculptures are just across from AT&T Park, on a building named “170 Off Third”.  They’re by Alexei E. Kazantsev; see .

Mar 15 2009

The Brides of March

The eleventh annual Brides of March took place on 2009 March 14.

(Event’s web site: THE Brides of March .  Ruby Fuerza’s web site: ruby fuerza: me first and the shimmy shimmies.)

Oct 11 2007

San Francisco Zombie Flash Mob October 2007

A zombie flash mob convened in downtown San Francisco on October 11th, 2007.

May 25 2007

Zombies attack San Francisco

These are from downtown San Francisco, May 25th, 2007.

Laughing Squid’s coverage of the event itself: 
Massive Zombie Outbreak in San Francisco & Memphis