Feb 8 2011

Dancers & sculptures at Civic Center

In celebration of Chinese New Year, the Fei Tian Academy of the Arts organized a show down at Civic Center of various dancers from local middle and high schools.  The people are from the show; the sculptures were nearby.

Mar 1 2010

Chinese New Year Parade 2010 / Year of the Tiger

Feb 9 2009

Chinese New Year Parade 2009 / Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year celebrations extend for about fifteen days– so although the Year of the Yin Earth Ox began in January, San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade took place on 2009 February 07.

Jan 27 2009

Chinese New Year Flower Market Fair

On 2009 January 24, there was a “mini-parade” to mark the opening of the Chinese New Year festivities, winding its way through a flower market set up on the streets of Chinatown.