Feb 23 2009

Long Alerts 2009-02-23

Having need of a few long (5-20 second) unambiguous alert sounds, I created some.

Three simple ones: BA BC B5

Two more elaborate ones: BB B4W

One strident one: PS

And one happy one: AC

Released under terms of
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

If you want to redistribute any of this stuff, please include the file “stephanZielinski_longAlerts_2009-02-23_README.txt” from the .zip below.

If you end up using any of this stuff for anything cool, I’d enjoy hearing about it.

Archive including everything:
All seven Stephan Zielinski Long Alerts 2009-02-23 mp3 files (.zip archive, 908K)

Feb 9 2009

Chinese New Year Parade 2009 / Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year celebrations extend for about fifteen days– so although the Year of the Yin Earth Ox began in January, San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade took place on 2009 February 07.

Feb 6 2009

Write this

I’m trying to get some folks I know to write some fiction. ¬†Many of them are particularly good at puns– so just to make it hard, I’ve also included required lines that are to be followed by a play on words. ¬†

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