Apr 4 2011

Hate Week 2011

04.04.11, time for a big hello to Hate Week!  This year’s cutting-edge plusgood slogan:

Irradiation is Healthful.

Apr 4 2010

Hate Week 2010

04.04.10, and another Hate Week begins!  This year’s fresh-coined new slogan:

Contradiction Is Discussion.

Apr 4 2009

Wishing you a hateful Hate Week 2009!

In honor of Hate Week—during which, as Orwell notes, new slogans are introduced—I would like to offer the following. It may not be destined to become a classic, but it does honor the work the current “loyal opposition” is doing on the national scene:

Obstruction is Construction.

Your attention, please: a newsflash has this moment arrived from Airstrip One.  Here is the newsflash:

Surveilance is Privacy.