Jun 25 2012

San Francisco Pride 2012

Apr 15 2012

Tea Party Rally, 2012 April 14

Jul 1 2010

San Francisco Pride 2010

These are from the day of the San Francisco Pride 2010 Parade: 2010 June 27.

Mar 7 2010

Urban Iditarod 2010

Okay, mostly mimes– but what can I say?  They were expressive…

The sculptures are just across from AT&T Park, on a building named “170 Off Third”.  They’re by Alexei E. Kazantsev; see http://www.aksculptstudios.com/ .

Mar 1 2010

Chinese New Year Parade 2010 / Year of the Tiger

Dec 29 2009

San Francisco LovEvolution Parade 2009

2009 October 3 saw San Francisco’s first LovEvolution Parade. (Arguably San Francisco’s sixth such celebration– but the name changes. Hence, San Francisco had “Love Parade”s in 2004 and 2005, “LoveFest” parades in 2006, 2007, and 2008, and a “LovEvolution” parade in 2009.)

Dec 27 2009

San Francisco Pride 2009

These are from the day of the San Francisco Pride 2009 parade: 2009 June 28.

Mar 15 2009

The Brides of March

The eleventh annual Brides of March took place on 2009 March 14.

(Event’s web site: THE Brides of March .  Ruby Fuerza’s web site: ruby fuerza: me first and the shimmy shimmies.)

Feb 9 2009

Chinese New Year Parade 2009 / Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year celebrations extend for about fifteen days– so although the Year of the Yin Earth Ox began in January, San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade took place on 2009 February 07.

Jan 25 2009

Public viewing Obama’s inauguration

On 2009 January 20, San Francisco set up Jumbotrons in several places so people could watch the broadcast of the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.  These photographs are of members of the crowd at Yerba Buena Gardens.