Oct 9 2009

Thoughts on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

So President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!  And all of a sudden, I can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone singing

I’ll tell you what Obama’s done for me lately: deflected my country away from a beeline course towards a multi-front hot war against every Muslim state on the planet. That he’s also been reversing the thunderingly stupid Bush policies when and as he accumulates enough political capital to do so is a bonus– but that’s mostly just for us.  On a global scale,  he was halfway to the Nobel just by defeating John McCain– and, God help us, the party that looked at Sarah Palin and thought, “Looks qualified to be the Vice President to me!”

Allow me to expand on that.  You know the teabagger neocons who are whining about birth certificates and raving about “Death Panels”?  The guys doing their best to make the rest of us wonder how many cases of paranoid schizophrenia are going undiagnosed every year?  These chuckleheads used to have the ear of executive reactionary thugs with NUCLEAR LAUNCH CODES. People thought this was BUSINESS AS USUAL.

What’s Obama done for Peace?  Turned the whole damn country around.  What’s he doing now?  Maintaining sanity.  Collaring the hawks, ignoring the doctrinaire, and laughing when the absurd stumble onto the political stage– so that once again, we’re a force for good in the world.

That counts.