Feb 24 2014

Fire at 2177 Jerrold Avenue

sfgate.com: Vivian Ho – 3-alarm S.F. blaze sends black plume into sky

Sep 6 2013

Zenaida macroura in my sink

-or- Is It Still Nature Photography If The Dang Thing Flew Into Your Kitchen and Is Too Dim To Fly Back Out Through the Open Window Behind It?

Nov 12 2012

Inappropriate banana

(Click to enlarge.  Hur hur hur.)

(Banana with sticker reading "Peel Me-- I'm Fat Free!  Chiquita ®")


Jun 25 2012

San Francisco Pride 2012

Jun 16 2012

Walk, 2012 June

Walk, 2012 June

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May 31 2012

Carnaval Grand Parade 2012

This year’s Carnaval Grand Parade took place on 2012 May 27.

These are large images– at least 1080 pixels high.  Use a big window.

May 20 2012

Eclipse 2012: Teach The Controversy

May 5 2012

The moon was boring

Apr 30 2012

Don’t know what it is, but I want it out from under my bed

MP3: Marbles Bouncing in Vase 3

(Derived from “marblesbouncinginvase3.wav” at http://stims.cnbc.cmu.edu/Sound%20Databases/AuditoryLab/. Sounds courtesy of the Sound Events Database (http://www.auditorylab.org/.)
Copyright 2008, Laurie M. Heller. Funding provided by NSF award 0446955.)

Apr 15 2012

Tea Party Rally, 2012 April 14