Jan 27 2009

Chinese New Year Flower Market Fair

On 2009 January 24, there was a “mini-parade” to mark the opening of the Chinese New Year festivities, winding its way through a flower market set up on the streets of Chinatown.

Jan 25 2009

Public viewing Obama’s inauguration

On 2009 January 20, San Francisco set up Jumbotrons in several places so people could watch the broadcast of the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.  These photographs are of members of the crowd at Yerba Buena Gardens.

Jan 11 2009

San Francisco Carnaval 2008

The parade for San Francisco’s 30th Carnaval took place on May 25th, 2008.

Jan 11 2009

“Let Gaza Live!” protest & counter-protest

Both the “Let Gaza Live!” protest and the counter-protest started at 11:00 AM on 2009 January 10.

Dec 30 2008

Union Square, Christmas 2008

I took these on Christmas Day, 2008, down in Union Square.

Dec 11 2008

24th Street, the Mission, San Francisco, Dec 10-11 2008

I took these on the afternoon of 2008 Dec 10 and the morning of 2008 Dec 11.

Oct 25 2008

San Francisco Noe Valley Harvest Festival 2008

The fourth annual San Francisco Noe Valley Harvest Festival took place on October 25th, 2008.

Oct 25 2008

“My Zombie Pinup” Dance Party

In celebration of the release of My Zombie Pinup, a thirteen month calendar for 2009, Shalaco threw a party on October 25th, 2008.

Oct 4 2008

San Francisco LoveFest Parade 2008

October 4, 2008 saw San Francisco’s third LoveFest Parade. (Arguably San Francisco’s fifth “Love Parade” celebration– but license issues dictated a change of name. Hence, San Francisco had “Love Parades” in 2004 and 2005, but “LoveFest” parades in 2006, 2007, and 2008.)

Sep 28 2008

Folsom Street Fair 2008, San Francisco

The 25th annual Folsom Street Fair was on September 28, 2008.