Apr 2 2011

Sculpture and performance at Million Fishes

These are from the Million Fishes Arts Collective 2011 group show “Current.” The cellist is CelloJoe, the pianist is Marilyn McNeal, and the singer/guitarist is Zachary Barnes.

Feb 8 2011

Dancers & sculptures at Civic Center

In celebration of Chinese New Year, the Fei Tian Academy of the Arts organized a show down at Civic Center of various dancers from local middle and high schools.  The people are from the show; the sculptures were nearby.

Jan 28 2011

Proposed new logo for NBC Universal

A vintage NBC peacock jumps the shark from Jaws.

Dec 1 2010

All up in your grill

Nov 14 2010

Three spokesmen for Benelli

Benelli makes shotguns.  Pages on their site have a slide show in the header: various folks offering testimonials.  Most are unremarkable, but one caught my eye.  Click for full size in a new window:

Nov 7 2010

They are thin on the ground

Sep 1 2010

We say something similar…

Jul 31 2010

2010 Up Your Alley Fair

This year’s Up Your Alley Fair (AKA Dore Alley Fair) took place on 2010 July 25.

Jul 25 2010

Horrible realization of the day

Modern American moderates are willing to consider the position of folks seeking civil rights and greater tolerance, as long as they follow Martin Luther King’s precedents.  Specifically, folks risk rejection out of hand unless they  (A) are in a three piece suit and tie, (B) have a doctorate, (C) are singing in four-part harmony, and (D) are occasionally beset by ravening dogs.

Jul 15 2010

Circus Bella – Gotcha!

Circus Bella performed “Gotcha!” at 20th & Harrison on 2010 July 11.

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