Chi-square tests of GameScience dice

Summary: almost all the GameScience dice I looked at passed chi-square testing fine, with one exception: the “D16 Transparent Ice Blue Gamescience Gem Die”, which failed miserably.

I ordered this stuff from G2 Collectibles and Hobbies:

1 x Gamescience Precision RPG Dice Set Opaque White 7pc () = $9.99

1 x D16 Transparent Ice Blue Gamescience Gem Die () = $5.99

1 x D10 Opaque Green Gamescience Precision Die () = $1.39

1 x D4 (8 Sided) Opaque Red Gamescience Die () = $1.99

1 x D5 (10 Sided) Opaque Blue Gamescience Die () = $2.99

And subjected them to chi-square testing– rolling them N times, computing the chi-square critical value, and using to look up the corresponding cumulative probability.

DescriptionNdfCVP(X^2 < CV)Stat. sig.?
Die #1: white d41003.48.03
Die #2: white d612054.4.51
Die #3: white d8160712.5.92Yes
Die #3: white d8807.6.001No
Die #3: white d88074.0.22No
Die #3: white d812077.7.64No
Die #4: red octahedron labeled 1-4; a "d4 on a d8"16033.6.69
Die #5: white d10 labeled 00-9070911.1.73
Die #5: white d10 labeled 00-9020096.2.28
Die #6: white d10 labeled 0-97095.7.23
Die #6: white d10 labeled 0-920097.0.36
Die #7: green d10 labeled 0-970910.6.69
Die #7: green d10 labeled 0-910094.8.15
Die #8: blue d10 labeled 1-5-- a "d5 on a d10"10042.5.36
Die #9: white d121201114.0.77Marginal
Die #9: white d12120115.4.09No
Die #10: ice blue d161201524.0.94Yes
Die #10: ice blue d161601527.2.97Yes
Die #11: white d202001913.8.21

The white d8 gave me a bit of a scare, but retesting seems to indicate that first result was, in fact, just bad luck.  The d12 didn’t really need a retest, but I did one anyway; it passed fine.  The d16 is unquestionably broken.  Examining the raw data showed (among other things) that it rolled fourteen only seven times out of two hundred and eighty; examining the die itself showed (A) a not-unexpected minor sprue mark on the one side, and (B) a significant burr sticking out of the three side, directly opposite the fourteen.  (The die may be reparable– but that’s a separate question.)