Fragment from The Three Stooges Meet Seymour Cray

MOE: Shaddap! Bring me that sort algorithm deck.

LARRY: Okay, okay. Whoop! [Trips over FORTRAN IV manual. Cards go flying.]

MOE: You nincompoop!

CURLY: It’s okay, Moe. I punched line numbers onto that one! So all we need is to go get the sorting deck, and use it to sort the algorithm deck!

MOE: Yeah, that cou—wait a minute…

GREPPO MARX: [Honk, honk.]

LARRY: What’s he even doing here?

CURLY: Backwards compatibility.

MOE: I’ll backwards compatible you! [Bonks Curly with slide rule.]

CURLY: Oh, yeah? [Eyepokes Moe with flowchart template.]

LARRY: [Gets tie wrapped around printer platen.]