At least it wasn’t Dick Cheney singing The Little Driller Boy

Shortly after my editor mentioned on her blog how much she hated certain Christmas music, and a commenter reaching for a word mentioned the Infant Jesus “in his crib,” lightning hit my stereo again. I recognized the tune at least, this time: Public Enemy’s Fight the Power. But I don’t know what to make of the lyrics…

Neg three BCE the number another winter (get down)
Sound of the Virgin M, her
Screaming hittin’ your ears ‘cause I know you sin, soul
(Brethren and sistren, hey)
But today, we’re not too sure
Are our motives all pure
Askin’ what Bush knows
While the Guardsmen sweatin’
And the mortar rounds fallin’
Got to tell us why we’re there
Gotta give us an excuse
Well, freedom of faith is freedom for death
We got to bomb the heathens that be
Lemme hear you say
Bomb the heathens


As the rubble designed to bounce
What counts is that the spin’s
Designed to cloud your mind
Now that you’re convinced our pride’s on line
We’ve got to rule Baghdad to make us glad
Close your heart
Rape a tart, set flames to art
To devolutionize roll back change fear the strange
People. Muslims, are they the same?
No, they’re not the same
Hit them with all the blame
What we need is gasoline, small cars are obscene
Rah, rah, SUV
My President, saddle up the horses
Preempt invasion ground forces
(Yo) Smart bomb the show
And maybe nuke them till they glow
Make everybody see, it’s our job to bomb the heathens that be
Lemme hear you say…
Bomb the heathens


Jesus was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me, you meat;
Straight pacifist that preacher was
Simple and neat
Mother fuck him and Saint Pete
Cause I’m White and I’m proud
I’m ready and hyped, son of Huns
Most Christian heros don’t appear without guns
Sample a look back you look and find
Nothing but killers for 1000 years, they’re chillers
“Do unto others”
Was a number one thought
Damn if I say it you can shoot me right here
(Get it) let’s get this purging started right
Right on, c’mon
What we got to say
Power for warriors no delay
To make everybody see
In order to bomb the heathens that be

(Bomb the heathens.)